Five Guys Robotics is very dedicated to the brainstorming process. We reckon that every minute spent brainstorming saves five in prototyping/building.

We’re not math majors, but we know what variables are!


Rubber Bands & Complex Parts

IMG_1900 2

Our car is powered by a parallel, horizontally-opposed 2×2 rubber band engine directly mounted on the rear axle. It delivers outstanding torque for a car in its class. (The duct tape is only to help the glue set)


3D Printers do not know the meaning of “tolerance”. Building moving parts with a 3D printer is an iterative process.

Five Guys have a love-hate relationship with the 3D printers.

This is us (minus Paul, behind the camera) after a very successful test of our drivetrain. Glided right into the center of Caruth and stopped on a dime, all in a few seconds.

It’s called rapid prototyping because it takes three hours


Axles and 3D Printing


Turns out, you can fit a round peg in a square hole.

A picture from the top and bottom of a 3d printed square axle washer printed with transparent ABS filament.

Square axle washer for 1/2″ dowel. 4 Prints. 1″x1″ wide base. 15 minutes and 560mm of Transparent ABS for each.



Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Hence the name, «Five Guys».

Nathan, Chris, Matthew, Warren, and Paul


Drafting I

JPEG image-2650B15762D8-1JPEG image-20B1AEEA7B47-1

Working late in the robotics room.



Logo Design

JPEG image-0ED522DC3179-1

To be the best, you got to look like the best, and boy do we look good.