Plan Comes Together

It’s clear that the Five Guys cannot rest knowing that their robot isn’t perfect. While Paul had to leave early after having worked since the morning, Matthew, Warren, and Nathan continued their work for over seven hours. At midnight, Chris joined in, and the four collaborated to perfect the fully constructed robot. Burning through the night to … [Read more…]

Last Day (AM)

  The Five Guys are going to meet at 5pm as always, but out of necessity and team consensus, Paul did some independent prototyping this morning on the day before the competition. As previously noted, we don’t have our counter-spring mechanism built yet, which is the part that holds the jaws of our robot open … [Read more…]


  Our robot’s mechanism of action is based upon two rows of “teeth” (cardboard, hand-cut) mounted onto a “spine” (MDF, laser-cut) which is mounted onto two radial mounts each (ABS, 3D printed), and all four of those are affixed to the foam-core ceiling of our robot. There is no point to meticulous design without meticulous … [Read more…]


Hence the name, «Five Guys». Nathan, Chris, Matthew, Warren, and Paul  

Logo Design

To be the best, you got to look like the best, and boy do we look good.